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The Righteous Mind — 2 Comments

  1. re: “what if everyone were to comprehend this? We’d still disagree about a lot of things, but at least we would understand why our opponents believe the things they do, and that it’s not because they’re idiots. Perhaps we would all be better listeners, and better at finding solutions.”

    This is precisely the point I argue for in a recent essay of mine that Haidt tweeted a link to yesterday with the introduction “On why the problem of polarization should be addressed by schools, way before students get to college.”

    My essay: http://theindependentwhig.com/2015/11/04/an-open-letter-to-the-generals-in-the-war-on-partisanship/

  2. I encourage everyone to read the Independent Whig’s essay at the link in the comment above.

    There’s nothing more important than understanding how our own minds work – what drives our own thoughts, opinions, and motivations.