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The 23 Enigma — 2 Comments

  1. 23 is a prime number that has some interesting characteristics about it.

    – Each of it’s digits is also a prime number 2 and 3.
    – The sum of it’s digits is also a prime number, 5. this is called an Additive Prime.
    – 2 and 3 are also Additive Primes.
    – 2, 3, and 5 are the first 3 prime numbers, the second digit of 23.
    – 23 is the 9th prime number, which is 3^2 using it’s own digits.

    Just a few more things to add to the enigma.

  2. I see 23 all the time. Majority of the time I look at a clock it has a 23. It’s like clockwork. I always see the number when I watch commercials. It seems to be used heavily in movies and on TV. I was also born on 6/23 at 3:23. For a while last year it started to consume me but now I think it’s sort of fun when I see 23 everywhere. While I was typing this a commercial was on TV and had a baseball team with the main player crossing home base and his jersey was 23.