Talkomatic — 3 Comments

  1. Was Brian Dear really around forty years ago? I don’t remember seeing him until a good bit later, but that could just be my misfiring gray cells.

  2. Good catch, Hugo. The orange dots screenshot is actually from just last year, on Cyber1.org – the revived PLATO system run for the sake of nostalgia by a crew of PLATO enthusiasts. I don’t have any screen images of Talkomatic that actually date back to the 1970’s. Still, Talkomatic on Cyber1 is still exactly the same as it was then, so the image is an accurate representation of how Talkomatic looked back in the day.

    • The *grin* or at least the *sigh* looked authentic. hee hee
      Tricorn’s name didn’t look inauthentic.
      Certainly ‘nginear’ is a new construct that wouldn’t ‘have flown’ back then, inasmuch as most took themselves a LOT more seriously back then.
      Where did Doug Brown hang out? Was that with you, attached to Ceramics?
      How did I get on your email list?
      I’d really love it if we could re-live the episodes of the Great Guanogap!
      I appreciate your efforts.