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Talkomatic: The WordPress Plugin — 2 Comments

  1. While using your plugin talkomatic I discovered a problem that if 10 people are chatting in a single room it is difficult to recognize who has send the message bcoz the 10th person didnt come in the screen, we have to scroll down every time to recognize who has send the new message. And it is impossible if there are 30-40 people in a single room.

    So if you could solve this problem it will be extremely helpful or if you can provide the code i can personally try to implement that. I know you cannot provide the code So i am requesting you to please implement this feature as soon as possible.

    • Talkomatic has a built-in limit of five people in a room. It will not let 10 or 30 or 40 people into a room. If you try to enter a room that already has five people in it, it will tell you the room is full. So I’m not sure if you are actually talking about Talkomatic or some other chat room.