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Struggling with Simplicity — 3 Comments

  1. I came to your site because I was researching “yugen” and discovered a post from 2012. After reading that beautiful post, I read this one, and the last paragraph is exactly from the yugen post two years back. What a coincidence! Enjoy your moments of yugen and have a great day!

  2. In case you resonate with this, David —
    “As the day’s light breaks the darkness of the night,
    As the first movements of the morning pierce the night’s stillness,
    So a new wakening to life dawns within me,
    So a fresh beginning opens.
    In the early light of this day,
    In the first actions of the morning, let me be awake to life.
    In my soul and in my seeing
    Let me be alive to the gift of this new day, let me be fully alive.”
    John Philip Newell (1953- ) Canadian/Scottish