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Some Things Should Not Be Profitable — 4 Comments

  1. But similar problems occur with public prisons–at least when they are staffed by union guards. Prison guards unions routinely lobby to make more things crimes, to make it easier to convict people, for mandatory minimum sentencing, for longer sentences, etc. This is, obviously, because more people in prisons means more job security for the union members and more people hired to join the union–no matter how bad such public policy measures are for society as a whole.

  2. I know for sure that at the 3 state prisons AVP goes into they have several rehabilitative programs, + education & job training.
    Wonder what the for-profit prisons have.
    I appreciate your bringing this issue to the fore. Our society is WAY too much of the mind to punish, not re-habilitate these real human beings in whom resides the Divine spark.
    — Nancy