Supernatural Calendar, 2016

Cyndie, my beloved partner of 15 years and counting, gives me a wall calendar every year for Christmas to hang in my office. They’re always great, and they’re always different. But her 2016 calendar is extra-different. This year she got … Continue reading →

Friday Shots, August 5

I’ve got three sets of Powderhorn 365 shots today, because there’s a lot going on. First Set: Early Friday Morning Second Set: Setting Up for the Powderhorn Art Fair Third Set: Adventures in Cardboard … Continue reading →

Pictures from Late July

Some miscellaneous photos from the end of July. Most of these were shot in or very near the Powderhorn Park neighborhood, but I’m not calling them Powderhorn 365 shots. “Nokomis Branches” was taken at Lake Nokomis, and “At the Modern” … Continue reading →

Friday Shots, July 22

My Powderhorn 365 photos for this week: I’ve shot this alley notice several times because it’s so interesting, but I’ve never submitted it to the project. This week I will – so I can finally be done with it. Recently … Continue reading →