Occasional Prescience

I remember, around 1974 or 75, going to record stores with friends to buy the latest Jethro Tull album or whatever, and telling them, some day, all the music that was ever recorded will be on a computer somewhere, and … Continue reading →

A Bad Joke Walks Into a Bar

As far as I know, most of the following atrocious walks-into-a-bar jokes originated with me, and the rest with my beloved wife, Cyndie. So you can credit us or blame us, as you wish. Prepare to groan. A chicken walks … Continue reading →

I Asked Grace

I asked Grace if it was okay for me to re-post this poem she wrote a dozen years ago, because it’s been one of my favorite poems ever since she posted it in the Bad Poetry topic in an online … Continue reading →

Billy Collins: The Lanyard

The Lanyard By Billy Collins, from The Trouble With Poetry The other day I was ricocheting slowly off the blue walls of this room, moving as if underwater from typewriter to piano, from bookshelf to an envelope lying on the … Continue reading →

Marcus Borg: Who Was Jesus, Really?

Today being Good Friday on the Christian calendar, it seems like a good time to talk about Jesus. My understanding of Jesus was radically transformed – you might say revolutionized – when I heard Marcus Borg speak in River Falls, … Continue reading →