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Olive W. Burt: Mentoring a Young Writer — 4 Comments

  1. David, what a delightful story. I’m copying it for a writer friend who’s coming over shortly for a visit. Fun to learn more about your young life.

  2. Oh, happy birthday, Aunt Olive! I have a bunch of her books, too, David. She was such an interesting person. Glad to read your memories! – Jane

  3. Hello. I am touched by this . I am Amy, Olive Burt’s granddaughter. This is the most beautiful tribute to my grandmother. thank you.

  4. Hello, What a lovely story to share! Your story about her helps to bring her memory back to life.

    Olive was also a member of the National Federation of Press Women and received their highest honor in 1964, National “Communicator of Achievement.” will include her in this year’s COA celebration in September.