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Walter Wink: The Myth of Redemptive Violence — 2 Comments

  1. Its tragic that people concerned with war seem incapable of grounding their discourse in the distinction between individual and group selection. Group selection is the origin of war. Individual selection excludes war by excluding alliances between males in their competition for reproductive resources. Trying to portray the condition of civilized man’s group dynamics in terms of Popeye vs Brutus in the competition for Olive Oyl’s affections misses the mark by a wide margin.

  2. Of course a Popeye cartoon doesn’t portray the real complexity of group dynamics or human relations. That’s actually one of the points being made. Cartoons and Hollywood movies tend to vastly oversimplify these things, boiling any conflict down to Good Guy vs. Bad Guy. Bad Guy does bad stuff to Good Guy. Good Guy suffers but eventually rises and kicks Bad Guy’s ass. Everybody cheers. The End.