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Let’s Digitize Our Minds and Live Forever! Or… Maybe Not. — 3 Comments

  1. A few days after I posted this piece, Tim Wu published his essay “How To Live Forever” in the New Yorker. (http://www.newyorker.com/business/currency/live-forever)

    I’ll quote the most interesting part of Wu’s essay:

    “Perhaps a better approach for future Nicolas Flamels—or Ray Kurzweils or Dmitry Itskovs—is not copying our brains but, rather, trying to migrate the self to a new physical host. Like a hermit crab seeking a new shell, immortality may not really be about copying ourselves but about creating a process in which we slowly leave behind our current, biological homes and move somewhere more durable, a point made by Steven Novella, a clinical neurologist and an assistant professor at Yale.

    How might this work? In the past two decades, scientists have gained a better understanding of neuroplasticity, or the idea that the brain is continually rewiring itself. Stroke victims, for example, sometimes recover lost functions after their brains reallocate control of certain actions from a damaged area. The idea would be to encourage the brain’s activities to slowly begin migrating to a massively interconnected electronic brain. Over time, if things went well, our intelligence and identity might be coaxed into leaving behind the old brain and taking refuge in a more durable unit (which would be attached to the robot body mentioned earlier).”

    While this idea still presumes that consciousness in a nonbiological brain is possible, it does address one of my questions. If it’s possible to migrate one’s consciousness little by little from the original brain to an artificial one, it seems that continuity would be preserved.

    That’s a big IF, though.

  2. hi there hummans reqier way too much storage fact a humman brain store over 2.5 peta bytes a nano gram of dna stores exabytes and todays hard drives only store 8 terabtes thats a nano percent of hamman storage sooo a singe humman would reqiere at least a hard drive storage capacity of google plix bytes of storage minium

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