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Is God an Alien Mathematician? — 3 Comments

  1. Also have read a story about the artilects having created our solar system as a history or (for now) a living museum project example of a failed species → Humanity

    However that link seems to have disappeared in the matrix also!

    Voyager 1 & 2 will eventually be taken out of the game when they reach one light year.

  2. Humanity is indeed a failed species simulation. But even if it is a failed species simulation, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be successful. The question is whether or not humans can recognize the faults inherent to themselves and make it successful even though humans in the past in another simulation wiped themselves out.

  3. You see the creations that are successful and allowed to escape their cages are the ones that are able to overcome their innate self destructive programming/behavioral tendencies. For some reason these gods/AI rejoice when the programming does things their mathematical projections do not forecast. Who knows why, we don’t have the same associative horizon as they do so it’s pointless to even speculate about.