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Gerrymandering Explained — 1 Comment

  1. There is a fourth way to divide it up. One that is simple and easy to follow.

    Districts should just be based on a number of already configured zip code zones, however many are needed per representative, and should NEVER be changed from this. Some number of zip code zones can be figured to represent any district for a representative.

    People move from time to time, it’s part of life. So over time what party is ‘in power’ in a particular zip code can, and likely will, change. If the current representative is unable to properly represent the people in the zip codes he represents, he either starts to represent them fully or he gets changed out in the next election for one who does. Political positions were NEVER meant to be a permanent job.

    Change the politician to represent the actual data (zip code zone data where people they are supposed to represent live) and don’t change the data (area data is drawn from) to fit the politician.

    Just Think About It. :)