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Charles Bukowski: A Vote For the Gentle Light — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting and thought-provoking, but I wish he hadn’t used the word “depression” ─ a very real and serious disease, which I don’t think is what he’s writing about (and if he is, he’s rather heartless … or ignorant). I think he’s writing about something more akin to “unhappiness,” a word he uses later and which we all experience from time-to-time. I agree, “…open the curtains … to joy…,” but to the clinically depressed, that’s rarely possible.

    • Although I completely agree the word ‘depression’ shouldn’t be used lightly, I think I disagree. I am depressed and this poem is meaningful to me because I found myself surrounded by other people wallowing in their sadnesses. I could be wrong, but for me, that word is important. I know Bukowski was depressed at some points in his life, and I like to think that someone agrees with me about the frustration of people who choose to be unhappy.
      Thanks so much for pointing out the word ‘depression’ shouldn’t be used lightly. Made me smile to see other people agreeing with me there. :)