Well Bear, Brave Bear

In the summer of 2000, my friend Sheila Kelleher asked me for help with a project. She was working at the Hennepin County Medical Center at the time, and saw firsthand how a lot of young children were terrified of … Continue reading →

Creative Data Visualization

As a visually oriented species, we grasp information much more quickly and easily when it’s presented as a picture than when we’re given lists of numbers. That’s why we find bar graphs and pie charts so useful. But often there … Continue reading →

Five Ways You Don’t Realize Movies are Controlling Your Brain

Never mind that this article by David Wong was published in Cracked.  It speaks the truth. And it says a lot about storytelling and how stories affect us in ways we’re not aware of. “So there was a mass shooting … Continue reading →

Ray Bradbury: We are here to be the witness to the miraculous

Ray Bradbury died yesterday at the age of 91. I read and enjoyed some of his books as a teenager, but the greatest impression he made on me was a few years ago when I heard him speak on the … Continue reading →

Storytelling: Three Takes on What Makes a Great Story

Ira Glass (of This American Life) on storytelling. A good story is told in two modes: The anecdote.  One thing following another. Momentum. You feel you’re on a train that has a desgination. It’s raising questions, answering them along the … Continue reading →