A Teenager’s View on Social media

A Teenager’s View on Social Media – January 2, 2015 Andrew Watts, a 19-year-old student at the University of Texas, published this article on Medium. It’s one guy’s take on today’s various social media platforms, what they’re good for, and … Continue reading

Ray Ozzie’s Talko

The first thing I saw when I sat down at my desk this morning was this email from Ray Ozzie. And then the blizzard of news stories about the launch of his product, Talko. This comes just six months after … Continue reading


Does the world really need another internet chat room? Fair question. But what about a chat room that’s fundamentally different from every other chat room in existence? On March 22, Doug Brown and I opened up Talkomatic after several months … Continue reading

How Facebook Makes Us All Advertisers

In this insightful video, Derek Muller points out the fundamental problem with Facebook’s business strategy – and why that problem is a big problem for everyone who uses Facebook. Briefly, Facebook’s attempt to generate revenue through ads in the sidebar … Continue reading