Unsatisfying Encounters with Academics of Renown, Episode 2: Russell Targ

It was 1983. February, I think. I was in the San Francisco Bay Area to see friends. This particular evening I was visiting my friend Mike in Palo Alto. Mike’s a really great guy. The previous year he and his … Continue reading

Feynman on Ways of Thinking

Physicist Richard Feynman describes his insight into how similar thoughts are represented in very different ways in different brains. In a continuation of the conversation, Feynman discusses the difficulty we have in visualizing the behavior of quantum particles. … Continue reading

Quantifying Consciousness: Giulio Tononi’s “Phi”

In an article in The Atlantic titled “Awakening” Joshua Lang describes how patients undergoing surgery sometimes become painfully aware of what’s being done to them despite being under the influence of a general anaesthetic, and the ongoing effort to devise … Continue reading