The Dark Side of Free Will

Gregg Caruso calls himself a free will skeptic. In his words, he believes that “who we are and what we do are ultimately the result of factors beyond our control.” As for myself, free will is one of those things … Continue reading

Struggling with Simplicity

This is a talk I gave at Minneapolis Friends Meeting on November 30, 2014 What should I be doing here? I suspect most of us ask ourselves this question from time to time. It’s a question I’m confronted with on … Continue reading

The Spark of the Divine in Every Person

  I pieced together this video from interviews I’ve conducted with members of Minneapolis Friends Meeting over the past two years. It gives voice to a variety of perspectives and interpretations of a core Quaker principle, “that of God in … Continue reading

On Gurus

In the documentary film KumarĂ©, a fairly ordinary guy named Vikram Gandhi, born and raised in New Jersey but of Indian ancestry, invents a false identity as a “long-haired, orange-robed, heavily accented Hindu guru” called Sri KumarĂ©. In this guise … Continue reading