Ivan Illich: Silence is a Commons

For many years I subscribed to CoEvolution Quarterly, the periodical that Stewart Brand founded and which inherited much of its DNA from Brand’s Whole Earth Catalogs. The cover of the winter 1983 issue featured a caricature of Ivan Illich plugging … Continue reading →

School Placement Lotteries: Problems and a Solution

In 1994 when my son was about to reach kindergarten age, I realized there were  glaring problems with the way the Minneapolis Public Schools operated their school choice placement program. With a bit of research I discovered a solution, patterned … Continue reading →

Buckminster Fuller: Leadership by Design

“I always say to myself:  What is the most important thing we can think about at this extraordinary moment?”       – Buckminster Fuller Buckminster Fuller used the phrase “comprehensive anticipatory design science” to describe his work and research. … Continue reading →

Creative Data Visualization

As a visually oriented species, we grasp information much more quickly and easily when it’s presented as a picture than when we’re given lists of numbers. That’s why we find bar graphs and pie charts so useful. But often there … Continue reading →

The Strangeness of Borders

Today as I was rummaging in the vegetable drawer of our refrigerator, I happened to notice a label on the asparagus saying it had come from Mexico, and it sparked a thought that has often occurred to me for many … Continue reading →