School Placement Lotteries: Problems and a Solution

In 1994 when my son was about to reach kindergarten age, I realized there were  glaring problems with the way the Minneapolis Public Schools operated their school choice placement program. With a bit of research I discovered a solution, patterned … Continue reading

Buckminster Fuller: Leadership by Design

“I always say to myself:  What is the most important thing we can think about at this extraordinary moment?”       – Buckminster Fuller Buckminster Fuller used the phrase “comprehensive anticipatory design science” to describe his work and research. … Continue reading

Creative Data Visualization

As a visually oriented species, we grasp information much more quickly and easily when it’s presented as a picture than when we’re given lists of numbers. That’s why we find bar graphs and pie charts so useful. But often there … Continue reading

The Strangeness of Borders

Today as I was rummaging in the vegetable drawer of our refrigerator, I happened to notice a label on the asparagus saying it had come from Mexico, and it sparked a thought that has often occurred to me for many … Continue reading

A Squinty-Eyed Look at Population Densities

Derek Watkins is a “creative mapper.” In his own words, he blends research and design to tell stories about the world, largely through the medium of maps. Here he has created an interactive map of population density. Click on the … Continue reading