Kelli Anderson: The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things

Kelli Anderson is a designer who likes to find the hidden talents of everyday things. Her TED talk is titled “Disruptive Wonder for a Change.” “As we go through our everyday lives, visual and experiential things exert this invisible authority … Continue reading →

The Curious Evolution of the Typewriter, in Pictures

From Vincze Mikl√≥s on io9: The first commercially produced typewriter: The Hansen Writing Ball The pincushion-like Hansen Writing Ball was invented in 1865 by Rasmus Malling-Hansen, the reverend and principal of the Royal Institute for the deaf-mutes in Copenhagen. It … Continue reading →

Why Doesn’t it Work? Creativity’s Inhalation

In an article titled “The Secret of Steve”, Kevin Ashton explains how Steve Jobs thought through problems and came up with solutions that most other people were oblivious to — how, in fact, most other people were oblivious to the … Continue reading →

Web Discussions: Flat by Design

In his Coding Horror blog, Jeff Atwood makes the case that online discussions should be flat rather than threaded. “Flat” means a discussion consists of a single linear chain of messages in chronological order. “Threaded” means replies can be inserted … Continue reading →

Frog’s Collective Action Toolkit

While working on a research project with the Girl Effect, the design team at frog design saw a need to create a simple, non-linear resource that helps people located anywhere in the world solve problems in their communities. They’ve come … Continue reading →