Huw Price and the Existential Risk of Artificial Intelligence

Huw Price is the Bertrand Russell professor of philosophy at Cambridge University. In January 2013, the New York Times published an opinion piece he’d written, “Cambridge, Cabs and Copenhagen: My Route to Existential Risk”. Along with Jaan Tallinn and Martin … Continue reading

Christof Koch: Could the Internet Learn to Feel?

In a new interview by Steve Paulson, neuroscientist Christof Koch, a self-described “romantic reductionist,” discusses the science of consciousness, including the notion that all matter is, to varying degrees, sentient. A few quotes from Koch follow. In answer to the … Continue reading

Is God an Alien Mathematician?

Hugo de Garis argues that our universe may have been created by an “artilect” – an artificial intellect. It’s an extension of the concept of a technological singularity:  that our technology will soon evolve to the point where we can … Continue reading