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“So I decided to simulate a universe” – XKCD — 2 Comments

  1. I love this cartoon! I admit I stumbled on it because my name is down in an earlier post, but I’m so glad I did (self-absorption actually helped me for once), because this is so great. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that we like each other’s work – we clearly have some overlapping interests and perspectives…

  2. Thanks! But the cartoon is not my work, it’s the work of one Randall Munroe, who does the XKCD webcomic at http://www.xkcd.com. If you’re not familiar with XKCD, check it out – it’s unabashedly on the geeky side, but it’s the smartest comic I know.

    But I’m so glad you stopped by and commented. I just read your “Sorry Please Thank You” last week. Got it from the library and LOVED it. So much that I plan to buy a copy myself, because I want to keep it around and be able to refer back to it.