Talkomatic: The WordPress Plugin

Talkomatic is a unique text chat facility for the web. It’s different from run-of-the-mill chat rooms in that each participant has their own little section of the screen to type into, and you see what other people are typing letter-by-letter, as they type it, so the experience is more immediate. Talkomatic runs on its own server at Anyone is free to use it there at any time.

The Talkomatic plugin lets you embed a Talkomatic chat room in a page or post on your own WordPress site, using a simple shortcode. The chat room appears on your page within an iframe.

See it in action HERE

For example, putting this shortcode in a page would embed a chat room named “Elbow Room”:

[talkomatic room=”Elbow Room”]

If the shortcode specifies a room name, any user who navigates to the page where this shortcode is included will automatically enter the named chat room. If no room name is specified, the user will enter the Talkomatic lobby, which displays a list of active rooms and participants and allows the user to choose an existing room or open a new room, which may be public or private.

If the named room is not already open, it will be opened automatically as a public room. If the named room is already open and is public, the user will enter the room if there is an open slot. (There is a maximum of five participants per room.) If the room is open as a private room, the user will be required to type the room key before being allowed in. The room key is defined by whoever opens the room and designates it as private.

Talkomatic chat rooms do not place any burden on your WordPress server because they are hosted on the independent server at

Using the Talkomatic shortcode – Examples:

Put user into a specific named room, with default iframe dimensions (900 x 850 pixels):
[talkomatic room=”Elbow Room”]

Put user into a specific named room, with custom iframe dimensions:
[talkomatic room=”Broom Closet” width=600 height=800]

Put user into the Talkomatic lobby, where they can choose a room or open a new one:

Put user into the Talkomatic lobby, with custom iframe dimensions:
[talkomatic width=650 height=900]

Find it on the WordPress Plugin Repository

If for any reason the above link doesn’t work, you can also get it here.

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