Friday Shots, July 22

My Powderhorn 365 photos for this week:

Alley Notice

Alley Notice

I’ve shot this alley notice several times because it’s so interesting, but I’ve never submitted it to the project. This week I will – so I can finally be done with it.

Recently the people in charge of Powderhorn Park trapped all of the geese in the park because they were becoming too much of a nuisance – pooping all over the walkways and sometimes being aggressive toward people. Of course, it didn’t take long for new geese to find their way to the park.

If I’d Only Known: The Commencement Speech I Wish I’d Heard

The following piece was written by Jennifer Graham and published in the Boston Globe in 2010. Link to the original Ask any college graduate to remember who spoke at his commencement, and you might get the keynoter’s name. Ask him … Continue reading →

Raspberry Island

On Saturday, Cyndie and I and our artist friend Marty Owings spent a few hours on Raspberry Island, a small island off downtown St. Paul in the Mississippi River. While Cyndie and Marty sketched and painted, I took photographs – … Continue reading →

What I Needed to Hear in a Troubled Time

What this musician, Cremaine Booker, wrote about his video, posted on July 8 at the end of a week of racial violence in America: With the recent events that have happened in society, it has really taken a toll on … Continue reading →