Friday Shots, February 5

My Powderhorn 365 photo for this week: “Lion in Winter”

Lion in Winter

Another shot I like from Friday morning:

Blue Morning

I didn’t shoot for P365 last week because I was in Utah visiting family. But I did some photography while there, which I’ve posted in this gallery.

Two Horses

Loving Weather

Some of my mates from the Uni High class of ’72 have been commiserating by email about the wild winter weather many of us have been living with. I like what one of them, Catherine Pines, had to say about … Continue reading →

Friday Shots, January 22

My Powderhorn 365 shots for January 22. I chose “Chris and Minnesota” to submit for today. I came across these two men waiting at a bus stop. The one in the blue coat told me his name is Chris, and … Continue reading →